Criminal Justice

Barrie Fairbairn Solicitors provide  representation at the Police Station, Youth or Magistrates’ Court ,the Crown Court and all appellate Courts. Barrie Fairbairn has Rights of Audience in the Crown Court.

The firm has a contract with the Legal Aid Agency to provide publicly funded Criminal representation. Emergency advice at the Police Station is always free and many clients do qualify for Legally Aided Court representation, sometimes with a contribution.

Defending  your driving licence and keeping you on the road

Barrie Fairbairn who graduated in Chemistry from the University of Manchester,has a special interest in defending drive whilst unfit allegations in both cases where the police must prove the defendant was unfit to drive and in cases where the police do not have to prove fitness to drive. Barrie Fairbairn is also experienced in keeping motorists on the road who face being disqualified under the “totting up” provisions.

Defending allegations , maintaining  your  SIA approval and keeping you at work

We offer robust and straightforward advice when you need someone strong in your corner. Barrie Fairbairn has extensive experience in helping Door Supervisors defend Assault allegation which can arise from incidents at work and elsewhere.

Barrie Fairbairn Solicitors has access to the services of Forensic Experts, Police Station Approved Representatives, Solicitors, Solicitors with Rights of Audience in the Crown Court ,Barristers and Queen’s Counsel who are able to represent you at short notice.

The firm operates a 24 hour emergency service.

Criminal matters by Appointment:
1 Francis Street | Leicester | LE2 2BE

If your matter cannot be funded by legal Aid

Private clients: Our costs are £200.00 plus VAT per hour for attendance travel and preparation however cost effective Fixed Fees per case or hearing can be agreed on application.